Most top swimmers use the grab start to get their race under way .
This gets you moving off the blocks quickly and into the water smoothly.
The starter will not begin the race until everybody is ready and still.
This is really important because you can be disqualified if you fall in before the start or if you are slow getting ready.
Tumble Turns

Tumble Turns

Tumble Turn In freestyle races, you do not have to touch the wall with your hands. Any part of your body is fine, and using the feet gets a much faster turn.
Backstroke Turn

Butterfly and Breaststroke Turns

The same type of turn is used for both butterfly and breaststroke.
The laws say that you must touch the wall with two hands, so a touch and pivot turn is used.
The main thing to remember is that you don't need to hang on to the wall. The quicker you touch it and pull your hands away the better.
Backstroke Turn


The backstroke is different to most strokes because you cannot see where you are going.
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